What We Believe


The story of God…The story of the world…the story of you

We believe that this whole story of creation—everything from angels to atoms to Adam—got started by the Triune God: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Though He created everything good and perfect, humankind rebelled against Him. As a result, all human beings are born in rebellion against God, a rebellion so complete that we are incapable of making things right again. For this reason, God sent his Son, to be born in the midst of our rebellion, yet not join in it. This God-man, Jesus of Nazareth, lived in perfect obedience and love for his Father, so that he might be the firstborn of a new humanity that was no longer in rebellion with its creator.  We are born into this new humanity when we are born again by water and the Spirit of Jesus given freely to all.  

As part of this new humanity, we still struggle with rebellion and our old humanity until Jesus returns again.  When he does come, he will restore all of creation to perfection where God dwells with His people for all eternity.  This is why we look forward to His return with expectant joy, even as we face today’s trials, suffering, and brokenness which are the product of our rebellion.  In the meantime Jesus promises to be with us;  he continues to speak to us, leading and guiding, through his Church and his Word;  and he tells us to share with people everywhere the good news of all he has done and has yet to do!