Children and Youth


Scripture says to “train up a child in the way they should go”.  As parents, especially for those who didn’t grow up in a Christian home, this can feel like a daunting task.  Below you will find a basic outline for what The Dwelling sees as especially important for the spiritual formation of our children and youth.  Obviously there are other things that could be included, and each family will have their own unique challenges and emphasis.  At the end of the day however, the most important thing will be for your child to see YOU attempting to lean into what God has called you to do in raising your children or youth to know Jesus.  The best part is that we don’t do any of this alone!  We are all in this together, and Jesus Himself promises to be with us through the process! 


All over scripture, faith development is connected intricately with prayer!  Begin praying for your children already when they are first in the womb and continue to make this a daily priority for the rest of their life.  They will never be too old for you to stop praying for them! 


All over the scriptures we see how important baptism is as well as the promises that are connected with it!  Since baptism is ultimately a work of God in the life of a sinner, there is no reason to withhold this incredible gift from even little children or babies.  Maybe you as a parent have never been baptized, or maybe you have a youth or child who hasn’t, or maybe you have a brand new baby; this is a gift for everyone and we would love to have a conversation with you to make this happen! 

Click HERE to get more information on how you can be baptized.

Family Bible Time

One of the most important aspects to a child or youth’s spiritual journey is to have those who they are closest to be on that faith journey as well!  Next to God Himself, you play the most significant role in forming your child’s faith development!  This is why The Dwelling pushes hard to get families into God’s Word and prayer on a daily basis in their own home.We know there are many challenges that can keep this from happening, but at the end of the day it is about making it a priority.  You don’t miss many dinners in your life…because you make it a priority!  We know many of you have never done something like this before, so we want to help as best we can.  Take a look at some of the resources provided and start tonight! 

One year Bible reading plan to get you started:  Click HERE

Video resources:

On Prayer – Click HERE

On Family Bible Time – Click HERE

Little Dwellers

We love children being in worship with their families!  One problem we see in the western church is the age segregation that takes place so often in faith communities!  We need to get a multigenerational focus to spiritual formation back into the church!  That being said, we do provide for those who are 3 years old through Kindergarten the opportunity to learn some age appropriate Bible stories each week during the message portion of the service.  Children are still with their families through worship and it’s only during the message they can leave if parents find this to be a valuable resource. 

1st Grade

Upon entering 1st grade, The Dwelling will gives 1st graders a specific Bible that will “grow with” the child as they continue to walk out their faith journey! 

Sunday Worship

As mentioned above, we love children and youth in worship!  Jesus Himself brought a child into the midst of His disciples to teach them what discipleship really looked like!  Our children and youth as active participants, worshipers, and servants on Sunday mornings is not only good for them, but it’s good for the whole church!  We want to get our youth and children plugged into service opportunities as well as allow them to learn and grow right along with adults in our worship services!

Click HERE to learn more about areas of possible service. 

1st Communion

Usually around 3rd or 4th grade (although this class is also offered to adults who want to learn), we offer a 5 week class to those who want to learn more about the importance of and benefits of receiving communion on Sunday mornings.  God’s Word is clear that before we receive this meal, there should be a bit of understanding around it.  If you would like more information on when this class is offered next for you or someone in your family, click HERE

7th – 8th grade Youth Discipleship

This is a two year program for families with 7th and 8th graders.At least one parent or guardian must be willing to come alongside the youth to walk with them through this process.Gatherings are once a month and cover a wide range of topics, although most of the focus is on Biblical formation.We want to help families in their spiritual formation, especially as they enter the challenges that come with this particular age demographic! 

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9th-12th grade

At different times, we do host events for this particular age demographic.  If you would like information on when our next event will be, please click HERE and someone will get back to you with that information.  We also encourage families with this age demographic to invest time and energy into multigenerational small groups, where youth can be learning about God’s Word alongside other generations of Christians who are actively seeking Jesus as well!


Other resources we recommend

Camp Lonestar

Bible Study Fellowship for those who want something like “sunday school” for their children or youth
Let one of our partner churches convince you how important faith development in the home is.