Bible Reading Plans

We Are The Church Reading Plan

Read with us starting July 7th – September 7th!  Spend time in God’s Word with your spouse, your family or a friend.  Let us know if you have any questions at  Click here for the reading plan!

Mark’s Gospel

Read through the Gospel of Mark with us!  Each day, leading up to Easter Sunday, we will read a section of Mark.  Read on your own, with your family or with a friend.  There are questions to help you dig a little deeper into the daily reading.  Click below for the reading plan.

One Year Bible Reading Plan

Not sure where to start in the Bible?  This plan gives daily readings with questions to help you process what you’ve read and brings you through the Bible in a year.  Read on your own or with your family, just read!  

2023 Advent Reading Plan

Join us this advent season as we read through the story of the reason we celebrate Christmas!  Read each day with your family, spouse, a friend or on your own.  

Genesis Bible Reading Plan

Join us as we read through Genesis!  Read with your family, with your spouse, or on your own.  Click the link below for the reading plan.