Welcome to The Dwelling TX!

Our Sunday mornings have a come as you are feel.  We recognize each person is different and brings their experiences with them.  Some of you are married, single, divorced, some of you have children, ride a Harley, drive a Prius, have tattoos, like wearing shorts, eat Doritos, hate vegetables, don’t believe in God, have always been a Christian, have questions about faith and church, like watching the bachelor, have experienced incredible pain, are in a good spot in life, are in the worst spot ever…and the list goes on and on!  We get it!  And in spite of all that, we want you to know God wants to meet you right there…wherever that is for you at the moment.  As a church we want to do the same, meeting you right where you are.  

First Impressions – 

When you first show up on a Sunday, you will be met by some people holding the door for you.  After you step inside you will notice our welcome table and there will be someone behind it who you can ask any questions you might have too.  At that table we also provide sticky name tags if you want to fill one out.  Most people throw one on to help get to know each other, but some people would prefer not to which is totally fine too.  

Facility Layout – 

The facility we rent is primarily one large open room, with a few tables set up for coffee and doughnuts each week.  We have a cart with free kids and adult Bibles on it for those who might need one, and these are for you to keep.  Our worship area is in this same room and has chairs set up facing a stage where our worship team leads from.  Our lighting is fairly dim with primary lighting on the stage.  Lastly, bathrooms with changing tables are easy to find as they are immediately off the main room. 

Kids – 

For those of you with kids, we want you to know how important kids are to us!  We are concerned about the way kids are often offered programs to actually get them out of worshipping with their family. We love kids in worship and try to help foster this through these three simple ways.  First, for the youngest kids, we set up a “fenced in” area just to the side of the chairs where parents with walkers and crawlers can hang out if they choose, but where they can also stay engaged in worship with their little one.  Second, for those who are 3 years old(ish) through kindergarten(ish) we provide an age appropriate program called Little Dwellers for them during the message part of the service after they have worshiped together with their family through the first half of the service.  You can register for this program by going to the Little Dwellers table when you first arrive. And 3rd, for those who are in 1st grade and older, we try to help foster family worship by providing a worship experience that is relevant and interesting to all ages, as well as provide worship sheet activities that pertain to the day’s message to help kids stay engaged with the service throughout.  We fully realize there can be challenges with our approach, but we see kids as vital in the worshipping community even when they make noises and seem to be distracting.  

After the Service – 

Immediately following the service which is around 11:00-11:15 you are more than welcome to pick up your child and head out.  If you want to stick around for a few minutes we can always use help in taking down chairs and tables and storing them in a back closet.  You are also always welcome to connect with a pastor or a welcome facilitator about anything at all such as receiving prayer, learning more about being baptized, or having a conversation to answer any questions or concerns you might have about anything.  

We look forward to seeing you soon!  If you have any other questions leading up to checking us out, feel free to email with any of your conners or comments (for directions Click Here!)!