The Gospel Bible Reading Plan

What an incredible opportunity during this summer of 2020 to spend some time with God’s Word! This Bible Reading Plan is for those who have never opened the Bible before, and those who have. It is for those who will read by themselves or read with others and even children. We know everyone is in different situations, but we also believe that God wants to meet each of us right where we are!   May this time in God’s Word richly bless you!

Fourth Sunday Back & Online! – June 28th

Join us this week for our second week in our new series, “In Everything”!  Watch on Facebook or YouTube or join us inperson at Embassy! 

Third Sunday Back and Online – June 21st!

Worship with us this Sunday at 10:00am at Embassy or Online!   Click here for more information and livestream links.

Two ways to Worship! – June 14th

Join us this Sunday for our second Sunday back!  Worship with us at the Embassy or online through Facebook or YouTube! 

First Sunday Back! – June 7, 2020

One church, two ways to worship!  We are excited to offer worship at Embassy and will continue to offer online worship on both Facebook and YouTube as well!

Prayer Journal

This is a prayer journal, from Thy Kingdom Come, that will focus our attention on 5 people we know who do not believe in Jesus.  This is only a 10 day journal starting on May 21st (The Ascension of Jesus) and going until May 31st (Pentecost).  When the Holy Spirit moves, stuff happens!  For those who decide to lean into this, we will be begging the Holy Spirit to continue moving in the lives of our 5 people to bring them the incredible gift of faith and new life!

Prayer Gathering – May 17, 2020

As continued “prayerful next steps,” The Dwelling is having another prayer gathering Sunday, May 17th.  We hope you will join us after our 10am, online worship service, at noon at the Embassy & Event Center.
Like before, we will meet inside the Embassy and Event center while social distancing and encourage masks but not mandate them. 
If you aren’t feeling well or are not comfortable with meeting at this time, we would encourage you to remain at home.
We are excited to see you!  

Prayer Gathering – May 10, 2020

With so many different perspectives out right now, The Dwelling will simply continue moving forward in its decision making process by taking “prayerful next steps.”  
Join us this Sunday, in addition to our regularly scheduled 10am online worship, we are also providing an in-person, prayer gathering.  
We will practice social distancing and encourage but not mandate wearing masks.  We will meet inside at the Embassy and Event Center.  If you are not feeling well or simply feel uncomfortable gathering at this time, we would encourage you to remain home.  
Really excited to see you guys!!

Good Friday – April 10, 2020

Come as you are to our Good Friday worship service, on Facebook or Youtube, as we observe the most selfless act of love in the history of the world.  God wants to connect with you and gave everything to do just that!

Light in the Darkness

Join us for the next 8 weeks as we read through the overarching story of the Bible and see how all of it points to Jesus Christ and the promise of complete restoration.
Click on our links below for a kid friendly version or an adult version.  Also check out the 10,000ft view before digging into this week’s readings.