Journey to the Empty Tomb and Beyond

Read with us through the book of John!  Each day, leading up to Easter Sunday, we will read about half of a chapter.  Read on your own, with your family or with a friend.  There are questions to help you dig a little deeper into the daily reading.  Click below for the reading plan.  

Prophets Still Speaking

Join us as we read through the Prophets!  They spoke to God’s people and are still speaking to us today!  Read with your spouse, your family, a friend or on your own.  After each reading go through the questions listed for a deeper dive.  Also check out the message that goes with the prophet for that week.  Any time you spend in God’s Word is well worth it and will bless you!  Start reading!!
Click below for the reading plan:

Lent 2021

Check out these super short, daily, Bible readings during Lent, the weeks leading up to Easter, starting February 17th, Ash Wednesday,  put out by one of our partner church plant organizations, LINC Houston.  These weeks are especially for reflection on our own human frailty as well as God’s incredible strength, leading us to Good Friday, Easter and beyond!  We pray you will be blessed!


Join us as we start the new year in God’s Word!  For the next six weeks, gather with your family, spouse or on your own each day and read through Romans with us! 

The Gospel

What an incredible opportunity during this summer of 2020 to spend some time with God’s Word! This Bible Reading Plan is for those who have never opened the Bible before, and those who have. It is for those who will read by themselves or read with others and even children. We know everyone is in different situations, but we also believe that God wants to meet each of us right where we are!   May this time in God’s Word richly bless you!