Bible Reading Plans

Advent 2017

    Over the next 25 days, take some time each day to gather together with your spouse, or your family, a friend, or on your own to read through the scripture reading for each day. Use the questions as potential guiding questions, but don’t be afraid to engage the verses how the Spirit of God leads you to. Maybe take the time to light an advent candle each night to designate the time as something special. Don’t be afraid to sing part of a song each night as well. Familiar Christmas songs can be a great place to start.
     Parents while these readings and questions maybe difficult for your kids to understand, it is important to include them. By including them you model that gathering around God’s word together is important and exciting.  You can help involve them by summarizing and simplifying the content for them, singing a Christmas song they know or can learn, or even letting them blow out the Advent candle.
***We have list and calendar view devotion guides available