Disconnected to Disciple
Disconnected defined:
Disconnected from Jesus or the Church
Disciple defined:
Called by Jesus, Following Jesus, Making Disciples
Key passages: Matthew 4:19, Matthew 9:9, Matthew 28:19-20
Disciples living in the rhythm of:
Gathering around God’s Word and Prayer
Daily in our homes
Weekly in God’s house
Bi-weekly in a small group
Going where you
Why is a rhythm of Gathering and Going so important?
Gathering – To hear from God, talk to God, strengthen relationships with others
Going – To put the Word into practice, build authentic relationships, make disciples
Intentional Discipleship Maker
Defined : A person who is intentionally discipling someone else and is helping them to move along the discipleship continuum towards further spiritual maturity. This person is learning to live out the mission and vision, has a good understanding of the discipleship continuum,
is resourced to disciple others, and is not doing it alone.