COVID-19 Updates:
September 1, 2020

Hey guys! 

Wow wow wow!  What a year!  There is not a single one of us who would have guessed this year would turn out the way it has!  I am so thankful that even with so many changes and with so much uncertainty, we continue to serve a God who remains the same and continues His incredible faithfulness!  I want to take a second to highlight just a few of God’s amazing works! 
1. Through our online streaming on Facebook and YouTube we have been able to reach hundreds more people with the good news of Jesus who have been tuning in from multiple different states and countries!  
2. The time spent apart from each other has highlighted all the more our need for each other!  It has created a hunger within so many for even deeper connections and relationships!  Many of our small groups have actually been meeting and connecting even more than before with the help of Zoom.  
3.  The Dwelling’s finances have continued to be blessed by the Lord with a slow and steady increase in giving.  This has only continued to allow us to help meet the needs of those in our congregation and community who are struggling in this area.  
4.  There are dozens of real life stories right in our church where God has been working to refine and shape so many hearts and lives!  He has been drawing some into further missions, helping others get out of addictions, giving courage to those who need to take the next spiritual step, and so much more! 
5.  Many have found this to be a time of renewed spiritual growth in the areas of spiritual disciplines.  Many are reading their Bibles more, praying as families for the first time, enjoying creation by being outside and so much more!  
Although there have definitely been challenges, God has continued to work so many amazing things these past 6 months!  As we continue to step into the unknown we will continue, just as we have been, by taking prayerful next steps.  God continues to be with us as He has promised so we have nothing to fear!  May the Lord continue to see our church fit to be used to expand His Kingdom for His glory!  The Lord bless each of you!  
Seth Kunze 
May 26, 2020
Hey Gang,
How in the world is everyone doing!? What an incredible past two months! Who would have thought this would be the year you could walk into a bank with a mask on, ask for money, and feel 100% comfortable with all of it! 🙂
As The Dwelling continues to take prayerful next steps into the future, there are a few super important items I would like to highlight as it pertains to plans for worship moving forward.
1. Jesus is still the King of the Universe. 🙂 None of this virus stuff is surprising Him or catching Him off guard. He continues to keep all of His promises to us and will continue to work all things for our good and His glory. Our God is on the move! (Romans 8:28)
2. Our mission and vision is still the same. We will continue to be a church that reaches out to disconnected people with the good news of Jesus. We will continue to be those who gather around the Word, and not only be those who hear the Word but also those who go and do it. (James 1:22)
3. We ask that you join in praying like crazy with The Dwelling’s leaders against Satan and his attacks, knowing that he would like nothing more than to bring disunity to the body of Christ. It will be so so important to be considerate, patient, and gracious to each other as we at times encounter different oppinions or ways of thinking. We are in this together as a family. Don’t ever forget that. (John 17:20-21)
4. We will continue to take next steps. Rarely does Jesus give a super clear picture of the future and instead He often provides simply the next step. Our leaders will continue to meet, talk, seek wisdom, learn from others, pray, and do everything we possibly can to hear the voice of the Shepherd and take the next steps He calls us to take. (Psalm 119:105)
5. Keeping all of these things in mind, starting June 7th we will be providing a kind of “one church two ways of worshiping” as we move to take the next step of offering worship at our new location Embassy and Event Center as well as continue to offer Online livestream for those who feel uncomfortable coming back right away. We have attached some important Reopening Guidelines and would encourage you to read them over, especially as we all do our best to be on the same page. Some of you will read the guidelines and think “This is ridiculous” and others will look at them and think “Not enough”. Let’s be honest, there might not be “a best way to do it”, and this isn’t meant to give everybody what they want (this just isn’t possible) but instead at the end of the day we feel this is simply what God is calling The Dwelling to for the next step.
Thank you for your patience, understanding, and grace through all of this. I am so excited about the future of The Dwelling! I am so excited that Jesus promises that no matter what challenges we face in life, He will never leave us. The best is yet to come! Booya!
If you have any questions or concerns of any kind please don’t hesitate to call me.   
May 7, 2020
Hey guys!  I wanted to provide a quick update to begin conveying some more prayerful next steps as we move forward as a church family. 

From my time in God’s Word this morning Psalm 37:7 jumped out at me, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him”. In addition to our leadership having ongoing conversations, seeking wisdom from other pastors and churches, we also continue to attempt being still.  Sometimes this is easier said than done.   

Instead of putting together a grand plan with lots of phases, we are going to just continue to take prayerful next steps and do the best we can in communicating with y’all. 
Here are four next steps at this moment:
     – We will continue to provide a weekly livestream service on Facebook and Youtube.  There may be some changes to how this looks week in and week out, but we want to make sure livestream is always an option for the upcoming months.  
     – On the Sundays of May the 10th and May the 17th we will provide a prayer gathering inside our new facility we rent at Embassy and Event Center.  We will practice social distancing of 6 feet between household clusters and encourage mask wearing.  Those who are not feeling well we of course ask to remain home.  We are very sensitive to many of you who simply won’t feel comfortable at this time showing up in person.  In fact I am very concerned about this person possibly feeling neglected and not cared for.  Just know how loved you really are, return only when your are comfortable doing so, and don’t hesitate to reach out even if it is just to talk.  My number is (281) 299-1909.  
     – On the 17th we may try to provide communion in conjunction with that prayer gathering.  If we end up doing this, in order to provide communion to our entire church family including those uncomfortable showing up in person, we will provide a sign up sheet and information regarding communion in your driveway.  Sounds fun doesn’t it!  There will be more details coming on this.
     – We are going to attempt a kind of survey in the next week, which you will be able to find on our website.  Ultimately we want to hear from you and any of the concerns, questions, or comments you have at this time as well. 
This is a difficult time because it seems everybody is trying to figure out what the best next steps are! 🙂  With so many different perspectives and approaches, it will be so important for all of us to continue to be patient and gracious as we move forward, caring for others and being sensitive to others needs and concerns.  The enemy will try many tactics against us at this time, and one of them will be to bring a divisive spirit into the church.  We must continue to pray against this, and continue to listen to the voice of the One who brings peace, love, and unity.  
God is still working, and He will always be with you!  
March 19, 2020

Hey y’all, just wanted to touch base with a quick update.  Verse Psalm 46:10 is one I keep going to, “Be still, and know that I am God”.  Wow!  That’s good stuff!  

After I have talked with other pastors, leaders, and our church leadership, our desire has been to come up with a simple plan as we move forward into the coming weeks.  At this point, here are a few key points: 


1.  Worship will be live streamed on Facebook on Sunday mornings at 10:00am.  After the live stream, it will be on Youtube as well.  As always, people can “come as they are”…and now this can mean sitting in their underwear on their couch!  🙂 


2.  Daily bible reading plans will be available, one for families and a second for adults, starting this coming Sunday evening.  We want to use this time wisely, allowing God to speak to us (gathering) and putting into practice those things He would be calling us to (going). 


3.  Many of our small groups will continue to meet through online platforms like Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime.  Now is a great time to get plugged into a group to help build community during this time of isolation.  You can sign up under the ‘Get Connected’ section on our website.  


4.  For those who support The Dwelling financially, now is a great time to be made aware of our online giving platform. 🙂  I know this isn’t preferred by everyone, but at this time, I know Jacqueline and I will be switching to online giving too.  You can find our secure giving platform on our website under ‘Give’.  You can also mail in your gift: The Dwelling, P.O. Box 2006, New Caney, Tx 77357.  


5.  If you aren’t getting emails from us, please sign up on our website under ‘Get Connected’.  Also, download our mobile app, and keep an eye on facebook and our website for updates and communication. 


6.  And lastly, please share any prayer requests you might have to our website under the ‘Get Connected / Prayer Request’ tab on our website.  For any other pastoral care needs, please don’t hesitate to call me at (281) 299-1909 or shoot me an email at  

I am so thankful for our God who is in control!  I am so thankful for each of you!  I am so thankful for how Jesus will work through all of this!  


Seth Kunze
Pastor of The Dwelling 

March 16, 2020 

1.  Tomorrow morning I will be on a conference call with pastors from the Harvest Partnership to collaborate concerns and best ideas as we move forward.
2.  Tomorrow evening I will be on a conference call with The Dwelling’s Senior Leadership Team to discuss a longer term plan moving forward over the next weeks and months.
3.  Wednesday afternoon I will be on a conference call with a team of volunteers to begin implementing parts of the plan (including plans for worship, online interaction, care for the elderly and sick, devotionals, etc). (Also, when you are made aware of a person’s needs please provide help where possible, involve your small group, and feel free to contact me if necessary).
4.  And Wednesday evening I will be on a conference call with yet another group of leaders, our Sunday Team Facilitators, to discuss their importance as they represent and lead our Sunday teams and approximately 70+ volunteers.
5.  We will all continue to pray. 🙂


It is a crazy week, but let us not forget…God is not sleeping.   None of this is surprising Him or catching Him off guard.  He continues to work, rule, and reign!  We are called to continue being the church!         


Seth Kunze 
Pastor of The Dwelling
(281) 299-1909
if you have any questions or concerns