G2 ( Small ) Groups

What is a G2 group?
A G2 group is people gathering at the leaders house (or a rented location), who all have questions about God, faith, what it is like to be in the bible. Sometimes it can be helpful to do all of this in a group setting, as others may have the same questions as you! This can be anything from just dinner and drinks, and a simple chat and hang out time, to a full on bible study. You can have people who can walk beside you in this journey, and you may be able to help someone else in the group on their walk.
Why should I join a G2 group?
We are not alone on this journey. Here at The Dwelling TX, we know it can be hard, obstacles can and will always get in our way! You are stepping into a huge family here at The Dwelling, and even in whatever G2 group you may think about joining! Things are always better when you have friends along side!
How do I join a G2 Group?
In the next couple weeks, there will be links just below this box with different cities where G2 groups are held. You will be able to see a picture of the G2 group leaders, and a quick blurb on what the night looks for said group, time and day of meeting, location, and contact infomation if you wish to reach out to them. Make sure to check back for that information, and we will also make sure to post about it via Facebook and Twitter!